Service Status

We continuously monitor our infrastructure and its related services.

Server Name Availability Status
Miku1 100% Operational
Miku2 99% Operational
Haruka1 99% Operational
Hibiki1 100% Operational
Hikari1 99% Operational
Tangleroad 1 100% Operational
MYIX IP Transit 100% Operational
Server Name Availability Status
OVH IP Transit Firewall 1 100% Operational
OVH IP Transit Firewall 2 99% Operational
OVH IP Transit Firewall 3 99% Operational
GSLNetwork IP Transit 100% Operational
AWS SG IP Transit 100% Operational

Status updates and incident reports may be delayed up to 30 minutes depending on the technical issue at hand. Please scroll down for past incident reports.

Active Incidents


None active Incidents

Resolved Incidents


High Latency
High Latency on Server Hikari1. Reported by customer on Singapore DDoS-Protection 1 upstream network