About LeangHosting

Quality, Speed, Reliability, and strive to improve.

About LeangHosting

IT IS ALL ABOUT STABILITY LeangHosting.com was created at April 2015 and start providing Minecraft hosting services in Malaysia region.

We knew that there are many Minecraft hosting services out there but most of them are not in SEA region which often causes high latency and unstable connection during the game.

To solve this, we decided to start LeangHosting.com and provide cheap, reliable Minecraft hosting services with our enhanced security and powerful server! Most importantly, our servers are located in Malaysia!

Today we are hosting more than 20 Minecraft Networks and have more than 50 servers running!

We are not the cheapest, BUT we are the MOST AFFORDABLE you can get in SEA region with the most RELIABLE support teams and servers!


Reliable Minecraft Hosting

We provide top end range of Minecraft Hosting Services in Malaysia. With tip top quality Network, and tip top quality Machine. No boundaries, no limits.

Profeesional Engineers

We are a team of highly motivated developers and engineers with a strong background in the Hosting Industries, Network Engineering, as well as Software Engineerings.

200+ Customers

Customers around the world rely on our products and infrastructure every day, driving us to improve, improvise, and innovate our product and services. We thank you customers that go along with LeangHosting for many years.

100+Minecraft Servers

We have deployed over 100+ Minecraft Servers as well as 10 or more dedicated servers across 5 years in business. Grow into a SEA strongest minecraft hosting provider.